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Psychophysical Haiku

Where are my thresholds?
I left them in the sound-booth.
No-one hears you scream. (Vit)

Silence is golden
Gaussian noise is for free
Which do you prefer? (Vit)

Two-interval forced-choice task
Monotony grows (Judi)

Why psychophysics?
Exploring the interface.
Living on the edge (Judi).

Here's psychophysics
According to John Whitmore
All things are filters. (Vit)

Models of being
It is what we humans do
Reality bytes. (Judi)

What? Did you not know?
Models of being are wrong
So it has been said. (Vit)

Saying is knowing
Not knowing is not saying
So sayeth Zathrus. (Judi)

From man to werewolf
A fast furrier transform
Peak through the window. (Judi)

Uncertainty faced?
Psychophysics has the key
Just use TSD! (Judi)

You're damned if you do
(Go on, make the decision)
You're damned if you don't. (Vit)

Masker surrounds me
Suddenly a flash of light
The trial goes on. (Linton)

If psychophysics
is the answer, please tell me
What is the question? (Linton)

P., B., and Fox asked
"Was there a signal or not?"
That is the question. (Vit)

Maybe there was one
But then on the other hand
Maybe there wasn't. (Vit)

Why do you ask this?
You're the experimenter
So you ought to know. (Vit)

As for my thesis
Noisy data cannot be
Vit not a subject. (anon)


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